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Sassy Lassy Events partners with over 60 venues in the Twin Cities

Your team is probably working remotely, and might be feeling a bit isolated. We can help keep you connected & engaged during these challenging times. 


We host virtual & hybrid events across multiple time zones for 15 - 2000+ people, with real-time interaction facilitated by a live emcee. 


Interactive games & game shows are facilitated through our exclusive software, which is compatible with any browser. (No special hardware or downloads are required.) Choose general-content games or let us customize your event to better fit your goals or audience.


We can adapt to any platform you are currently using (e.g., Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Skype, FaceTime, etc.), and can lead you through the technology side of things if that part is new to you. For more info and a quote, contact us today.

We partner with Flywheel Media Productions to film, edit, or produce and videos, interviews, and other pre-recorded and live-streamed content you'd like to incorporate in your event. 

Our host can emcee your virtual Employee Appreciation Event, virtual gala, product launch, virtual trade show, virtual grad party, or virtual wedding reception. 

Check out what our clients have to say about us herecheck out our Google reviews, and contact us today.


Be well, and stay connected. We'll get through this together. 


Want to make your next corporate event more engaging than your attendees' social media feeds? Want to increase the inclusivity quotient of your events? Sassy Lassy Events creates games & shows that engage, include, and connect people in new ways.

Our interactive games include:


   Survey Says! [available for virtual events]

   Minute To Bring It

   Sassy Lassy TriviaTM  [available for virtual events]

   Iron FoodieTM

   The Right Price  [available for virtual events]

   Out of Sight

   The WorklyWed Game  [available for virtual events]

   The Amazing Scavenger Race! [in-home version now available]

   The SoonlyWed Game  [available for virtual events]

   Game Show Night

   Music Video  [available for virtual events]

   Charity Games  [available for virtual events]

Other services include:

   Live Auction Hosting for galas & fundraisers

   Emcee Services a la carte

   & full Event-Planning Services

Whether you are hosting a celebration, a corporate retreat, an employee engagement event, or a rehearsal dinner, our events encourage connection across difference.

Since 2010, we've been creating interactive games that are fun for everyone in the room, whether they’re 22 or 62, or 92, whether they know they like attending corporate events or think they don’t. Actually, our favorite players often start the night thinking they don’t want to participate.

From weddings and rehearsal dinners, to fundraisers and corporate team building events, Sassy Lassy hosts were put on this planet to recharge funny bones and spark joy - and maybe even a few nicknames.

Is your company committed to diversity and inclusion? Sassy Lassy Events is woman-owned and women-run, and our troupe is primarily comprised of female performance artists. Or maybe you're just looking for hosts who are not the same-same as per the usual corporate event entertainment. 

Call us today, and we'll recommend the right program for your event, and the perfect Sassy Lassy emcee(s) to host.

Check out what our clients have to say about us here or check out our Google reviews.

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