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We believe that laughter and creativity are the best ways for people to connect – to each other, and to their own best selves. And we know that play helps people to be more efficient and happy at their jobs.


Since 2010, Sassy Lassy Trivia & Events has been harnessing the power of play, creating a variety of highly-interactive, team-focused games that break down barriers and open people up to new possibilities.



No matter which combination of games you select, attendees will engage in creative thinking, and will share positive memories with their peers or teams – and they’ll have lots of fun, too.



Our most popular option for team-building events is a combination of Survey Says, Sassy Lassy TriviaThe Right Price, and/or Minute To Bring It. Our hosts are all dynamic and energetic facilitators who can balance the needs of a corporate client with lively fun.

The more diverse your team is, the better our games work – and the greater the bonding among players.

Your human talent is your most valuable resource. Check out our testimonials page, and then contact us to plan a teambuilding event for your most valuable resource. 


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Sassy Lassy Interactive Events is based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in MN, but we travel throughout the U.S.