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Sassy lassy pub trivia

*UPDATE [09/25/20] Our free virtual pub trivia nights are on hold for now, while we focus on our busy private event season. *

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Feeling a bit too socially distant?


Join us @8pm CST on Wednesdays & Saturdays for a FREE, live-hosted game of Sassy Lassy Pub Trivia during the COVID crisis. Play from anywhere in the world, with friends who are anywhere else on the planet. (No pre-registration or downloads are required.)

Wednesdays are strongly movies & music themed, and Saturdays are general content. Both will include a picture round.


(Please note: While our private events can be tailored to all ages, Sassy Lassy Pub Trivia Nights are intended for the 18+ crowd.)

Play alone, or pull together a team. A “team” might be the people already in your home, or you can connect with them virtually via video or phone.

Best part of Sassy Lassy Trivia? If you don't know the *right* answers, you can still get points for your creative and hilarious made-up answers.

Here are the deets, peeps:

1. If your team will be in various locations, decide how you’ll discuss your answers.

(FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts/Zoom/What’s App would all work, for example.)

***Decide who will play Answer Keeper - just ONE per team.***

2. At 8pm Central Time, everyone tunes in to the live stream on our YouTube page. (Link will also be posted on the Sassy Lassy Pub Trivia Facebook page just prior.)

***The TL;DR version: Do these 2 things and your charming host will walk you through the logon process for our user-friendly software.***

3. Your answer keeper will use a CELL PHONE to log in to and register your team. You can do this before game time, or just show up @ 8pm CDT and follow the directions your live host will be giving.

In a nutshell, you’ll tap the “play trivia” button and follow the prompts. (We don’t spam you or do anything with the email address you enter, which can be made-up – as long as it isn’t already in our system.)


Logging in is super quick the second time!

4. Your Sassy Lassy host will be asking the Qs LIVE via the YouTube video stream. Your team’s Answer Keeper will submit your answers on your unique online answer sheet. You can change your answers AT ANY TIME until your host closes that round. (She’ll give you notice!)



5. The host will pause to score after she closes each round. This is a good time to share a new yoga pose, Netflix or book recommendation, or cocktail recipe with your teammates.

6. The host will return to the live video feed with the answers – the correct ones, but also the very BEST OF THE BEST made-up answers. Then it’s on to the next round . . .

7. Games will usually last about 90 minutes; feel free to join in with any round!


8. You can see your team’s standings after each round using the “leaderboard” tab.

9. Remember: We can't see you! 


If we’re running through the Qs too fast, or if you have technical Qs, or you just want to tell the hosts how amazing they are, use the chat feature on the YouTube page to let us know.

10. Yes, we realize how easy it is to cheat if we can’t see you – but we know you won’t. This is a game you’re playing for fun, people. So do not use the Google to find your answers.

***Remember – if you don’t know the answers, flex those funny bones and give us some hilarious “alternate” answers. Then stay tuned to see if your team’s answers were among the best.***

I mean, besides hand sanitizer, what do we all need more than to connect & laugh with our friends right now?

So! Decide how you’ll be chatting with your team, come up with a clever team name, and check back here (or FB) @ 8pm CDT on Wednesday & Saturday for the link to the live game.

Subscribe to our YouTube page for updates.

Contact us with any questions. 

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